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    The Swat College of Science & Technology is the esteemed educational institution in the Swat. It provides the standards to the students in terms of quality class rooms, laboratories, library, faculty and best administration to promote quality education.

    Swat College of Science & Technology is the great opportunity for the students of Malakand Division to avail their required education growth in the best of their interest. At Swat College of Science & Technology we recognize this role and that’s why it’s not just scholastic achievement that is dear to us, we also focus on character building of our students. This institution is not only made to guide the students for their academic career but to provide the opportunity for their degree/certificate from a reputed University / Board. The team which Swat College of Science & Technology made is showing Excellency in their professions and is very much co-operative with the students.

    The challenges in times ahead would be even greater. It is the responsibility of Swat College of Science & Technology to equip their students with requisite traits to successfully cope up with upcoming challenges of personal and professional life. While we assure you that we will do our best to provide our students a conducive environment in the college, we expect parents to ensure their support with the college in every matter.

    My message to the students is to avail this opportunity and regulate the smooth running of their academic career with the Swat College of Science & Technology. Students are advised that not to violate the rules and regulations of this College because I am looking to furnish their future goals in it.

    I hope this brief glimpse of the many exciting initiatives we have planned conveys how much we care for your children and our scholars.  Our doors and hearts are open.  We look forward to a spiritual and excellent academic growth ahead.

    Respectfully yours,

    Shah Jehan Bacha

    Principal, Swat College of Science & Technology.