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    MD Message

    Welcome to the Swat College of Science & Technology. At SCST there has been a long, outstanding commitment to excellence in many diverse areas. It is essential that as you enter this year, you set goals that extend your abilities. When we reflect upon this year, all of us should be able to say we shared the responsibility for teaching and learning equally and that we have respected each other’s strengths and differences.
    As a student you have the responsibility to make the most of all the opportunities that are available to you. Attend all classes, be on time and keep up with your assignments. We are a learning community and whether it be staff or fellow students, all of us are here to assist you in the job of learning. As members of the Titan team we challenge you to demonstrate positive leadership, have pride in your College and your work, to care for each other and to take personal ownership for the College environment.
    Our focus at Swat College of Science and Technology is on ensuring that all students successfully complete their courses and are poised to gain their SCST, TTB Certificate, BTE Diploma and VU Degree. It is essential that students strive to ensure that all doors are open to them and that together we work to ensure that a world of opportunity awaits each and every one of our students. To achieve this, we will continually strive to seek ways to improve our teaching and learning, to the benefit of all of us.
    I am looking forward to serving you as the principal of SCST and look forward to a fantastic year. On behalf of the staff, I wish each and every one of you a successful and enjoyable year at Swat College of Science & Technology