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    Swat College of Science and Technology (First Women Postgraduate Campus) is located in the heart of Mingora city, which is well populated, well developed and in a way to progress in different sectors including education which is the integral part of one’s life.

    SCST Girls Section

    Mingora is a better advanced area with large surrounding having quite sound literacy rate. The people of this area demand such type of the learning process, modern courses which can lead to their better and bright future and that can fulfill the requirements of today’s demands. They need a clear and transparent way of educational system, which should be based on modern technological approach, eradicating the subjective method without any concept of conducting the exams and which must not only discourage but fully eliminate the cheating which leads to dull minds.

    In view of the above mentioned statement the people demand is clearly directed to the establishment of such type of institution which could change the conventional education system and that have a touch to the modern techniques which leads to a technology based environment.

    Class Room

    First Women Postgraduate College has been established after thoroughly checking the psychology and mentality of local people regarding the advance education of their females. Most of the people in this area are not in the favor of co-education. They are strictly against the system under which male and female study together. This is the reason that most of the female say goodbye to further study after graduation. Viewing the said deficiency the college management decided to establish an institute / college where female of the area have a facility to continue their further study and give practical shape to their future dreams.


    SCST at a Glance

    Swat College of Science & Technology was established in 2006 and is situated at a distance of 1 mile from Mingora southward in the historic city of Saidu Sharif swat. This college is established to enhance the scientific vision/education of the people of this developing area of KPK in different fields of life sciences, Social Sciences, Information Technology, General and Physical Education. This college is a constellation of leading technologists, professionals, Industrialists, Information Technologists and Educationists.

    We are living in the age of competition and globalization, and are confronted with latest Technologies. Information Technology has assumed unprecedented in the global arena. The advanced scientific education is the utmost need of the modern era. The major problem that confronts this industry in Pakistan is the lack of trained manpower. Setting aside such diversified field is threat to us all. Spread easy access to this is the top priority for which every resource is being mobilized by our government. Thus government is paying due attention to the expansion of modern Technologies in all fields to bring the country at pace with developed countries of the world.

    Swat College of Science and Technology is well aware of and therefore we have arranged a number of courses to equip our youth to meet the contemporary challenges.

    Swat College of Science and Technology provides state of the art scientific laboratories, computers laboratories, Classrooms, Library and hardware workshops as well manage the educational workshops, seminars under the guidance of learned professional personals.

    The life sciences, Management sciences, social sciences, computer sciences, professional education and physical education started by The SCST have a focus mission to equip future leaders and professionals with the skills and insights needed to compete the challenges of this modern era.

    More specifically, the key objectives and unique features of these programs approach that promise distinctive to the aspiring, including professionals and leaders.